A downloadable game for Windows

1st place in Most Fun game, Best Graphics, and Best Music for the Craft Jam competition (112 entries).

Craft Jam is rhythm based bullet hell where moving/dodging/crafting can only be done on the beat! 

  • Director / Design / Programming 
    @BOONdev Oscar Gonzalez
StatusOn hold
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(17 total ratings)
AuthorsBOON, ves, failpositive, SoftCircuitry, WigglyGull
Tags2D, Bullet Hell, Cute, Music, Pixel Art, Top-Down
Average sessionA few minutes


Craft_Jam.zip 98 MB


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This is a lovely game i really hope there will be more, but great job to everyone that worked on this game!

I loved playing this, great gameplay concept and lots of drama and emotion. Great job!

Thank You

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dude I cried at the ending when u decide to comfort him like that's just sad :(

Glad you liked it <3


its fun, im having a hard time playing it


-Made a Video.

"amazing, the art is the best part in my opinion."

thank you very much I'm glad you enjoyed it!


I really loved this game. It felt a lot like Crypt of the Necrodancer (which I played for hours on end), but also had its own identity. It was short and sweet, and am kinda wondering if there's a secret medal for completing this game perfectly, or at least clearing the rooms perfectly. Anyways, my only nitpick is that there's no calibration, so I would often miss beats when I shouldn't be. 

Easy with a heartwarming story 5/5

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Having some trouble installing. A few seconds after extraction from the .zip file, the executable deletes itself. Do you know why this might be happening and how I can fix it? This also occurs when trying to move the file out of its original folder.

Try right clicking on the .exe file and run as administrator

The extracted .exe file deletes itself within around 1-2 seconds, therefore not giving me enough time to run the file in any way whatsoever. Thank you for the suggestion, though!

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I suspect it might be a firewall or an issue with Windows Defender . I'd recommend turning them off or windows defender while launching Craft Jam.

dude i'm crying, it's beautifull, the gameplay is fun and the music is catchy, a masterpiece.

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Thank you very much that is a very nice comment! Glad you enjoyed it!

This Game was AMAZING. I really loved the story telling behind it. The ending kinda gave me shivers, it was really beautiful and fun too. The mechanics were juicy.

thank you very much, glad you had a wonderful experience!

Hey, eu fiz um vídeo jogando seu jogo com meus amigos, é muito divertido. Se virar um jogo completo, eu com certeza compraria. Eu amei! É um belo trabalho.

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Hey, I made a video playing your game with my friends, it's really fun. If it becomes a complete game, I would definitely buy. I loved! It's a beautiful job.

Hi I'm glad you had a wonderful time playing Craft Jam :D


Made a video


Thank you for playing our game!! That was fun to watch, hah! 



Happy you enjoyed the video we had a lot of fun with it 


Thanks for trying it out!


No problem :D

Last video we made for you was Duck jam like 2 years ago so was happy to make a new video for you after so long


That was my first game! I'm so happy that you remembered and had a wonderful time!

The white duck is on our channel banner so kind of hard to forget the game


This game is so cool but why you dont add a custom song for better rhythm expirience? 🤔

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Your music is awsome and i love it but i want to listen my music and yours, but if you  dont want to do it its ok and i agree with it. And can you please tell me what are the requirements for game because my friend want to play it but he is not sure do his pc have that requirements. And thats it thank you for that good game, its one of my favourite you know. (●◡●)


And yeah i forgot to ask you to add some kind of a survival mode because the game is pretty short.

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OK :-(

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Wonderful job! Everything is done well from the music and art to the programming. Had no issues and loved it right out of the gate! I'd enjoy a long form game like this with all the RPG sprite and story charm balanced with the dope music and beat mechanics, but it can easily get backed into a corner with nowhere else to go if drawn out, so it's perfect as is, short or not. Good luck with future projects!

Glad you enjoyed it! If you'd like something with this kind of writing try https://booon.itch.io/time-traveling-therapy it's a free game that I made.

Thanks! Will check it out!

Absolutely amazing


Give me a full game! I beg you!


Ooh very nice! Great art, great tunes, great polish
(Also it's fun to see the character I drew for Failpositive a while back get featured in something like this, especially with dialogue sprites that charming!)


Oh shoot your the one who drew Fail's sprite! Great work , I liked it so much I just HAD to make it into a game.

Aww, thank you so much! Can't say I'd ever expected something like that to happen from me drawing it but hey I'm not complaining :P


Last boss was almost too tough for me to beat it. I'm glad I persisted, because this end is so cute! <3

Really impressive and fun game overall!


eeyyyyyyy great work my dudes


This game is going to win in my opinion. Well done, reall, REALLY well polished for 10 days




Wow this game looks pretty neat! And I have a very unbiased opinion. ; )

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Hello stranger , I think we can agree this game made by this BOON fellow was outstanding game of the year 10/10 ign

I see how it is BOON i see


I concur with this statement. Also unbiased


holy peck