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1) What are the qualifications for the different endings? I managed the OK ending so far...

2) Anyone have any tips on how to pass the Quacksino? It's too fast too be an Easy game.

when se te escapo tu pato, el pato

Duck Jam speedrun leaderboard

Hello! Sadly, the Mac version is no longer downloadable! Also, would pay for updates – best!



cool game!!

lol lol lol loaf


What do you mean? I'm on Windows and I played it just fine.


yeah it works on anything, it just doesn't say so in the itch app.  i think it's because the zip wasn't specified as "for windows" in the upload interface

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Still a great game, only more so now. I loved the added games and you definitely fixed up a few things from before, like the guitar hero section and changing the castles up.

Keep it up guys.

Thanks we're glad you liked it DrMonkeystein

Hope you don't mind us posting our video here even though you've updated the game since! 

the new update is amazing! really helped with the repetiveness of the 3 castle levels. had a lot of fun with this 

Glad you like it :D We're working diligently on it, and we hope to bring much more to our fans in the future ;)

Played the newest update and man is it still just as fun as I remember, if not better! The new minigames were a treat, the music is amazing (especially during the Quacktastic End), and the art they added was just a treat. If you haven't played this game yet, you need to, especially with the newest version out. You won't regret it, I promise! Still highly recommend and 10/10

Really glad you enjoyed the update ^0^ We love giving our players new and exciting things to discover and play!
(Also, thanks for the videos :D We love seeing 'em!)

Not a problem PixelDough! I'm just as happy to play these fun games as you guys are making them. :)

This game was amazing and had brought me back to the good ol times of playing warioware on my gameboy! Thank you so much for making this game! I had to share it with my followers!!

Your welcome I'm glad we were able to help relieve some great moments of nostalgia! Thank you very much for taking the time to share we really appreciate you!

This is so good


Just like you dwalker! Did you even know that you are good, one could even say the BEST!

I'm fashionably late to the Duck Jam party, since April Fools has long since come and gone, however, that didn't stop me from loving the heck outta this game! My only critiques are 1) that the Duck Dating Sim takes too long to read in the 5 second time crunch you're given as a player, so you're forced to either skim or completely guess (which I had to do a few times), and 2) the jump mechanic felt restricted, and was too heavy/precise often times when I was trying to jump through the cave system, so implementing a double jump would be nice.

Barring those, the other mini-games and general art style of the piece all felt like they belonged together, and though I died MANY times, I was still happy to play it through to completion (and get all 3 endings). Now, did anyone else get a "Click Clack Moo" feel from this game, or is that piece of childhood nostalgia being brought back just for me? Either way, I definitely recommend this game- great job Dev Team, I hope you win the Meta Game Jam! Please make more fun games together! 9/10

Thank you very much for taking the time to play our game Leckakay! I totally see that Pokemon explorers of time reference I guess it must have been an inspiration without me realizing it! Thanks for the criticism this has been the best comment related to feedback. The precise jumping mechanic on the duck cave was part of the design so that the payoff for that large jump at the end felt satisfying when pulled off correctly. I added some clouds if you already were having a hard time already. (This has been reworked in a recent update so that you only play the cave mini game once) .

The duck simulator game, I'm definitely going to change the offer bread in your mouth to something along the lines of "vomit bread on her" to make it more clearer that is the wrong option. I'm not sure about the having to much text problem , we could have smaller phrases to compensate, we'll look into it.

Thanks for the feedback it really helps more than you can imagine we really appreciate it! 

Hi BOON! I just saw your comment here and on my YouTube, and I wanted to make sure I said thank you for responding, you made me day. :) I put my more detailed response to your message on my YouTube channel in the comments! I just wanted to reply to ya with a quick YOU'RE AWESOME here on, too. ♡ 



Thank you very much Dtumstick! I wouldn't be anything without my wonderful team Zen00 Thimz and PixelDough we all made this possible to create the best possible duck Jam experience for you!

This game was fantastic! Absolutely loved it! Hope you enjoy the video! 


I really loved your reaction when you played the duck dating simulator for the first time and you cracked up man. That's the number one reason why I make games! Thank you Cyber wolf for playing our game and really enjoying it!

Really love this game! I'm PixelDough's girlfriend and I've really enjoyed seeing how far this game has come! Lots of creative ideas and love put into this game. Can't wait to see where it goes from here! 

Thank you MasterSquiddie, your bf has been awesome to work with! Definitely expect our little game to soar beyond everyone's hopes and dreams!

I played this with a buddy and we laughed so hard at one point we had to stop playing. I liked it so much that I wrote a review about Duck Jam to tell our fans. Awesome!

Thank you very much roy_g for talking the time tor write about our game in your article. We're honored that you would choose us as a subject for your review. 

No problem =]. Your game was worth it. We couldn't help it =].

Absolutely Amazing!! Your team rocks for making this. LOVE LOVE LOVE!! Love the art direction, the controls, the music and everything!  Big up to you and your team for making this. Some of the simpilest art, music and controls makes the best games!


haha thank you very much JazDaRedbone, one of our main focus was making sure we got the most amount of humour with the least amount. Allowing us to work really fast and move really fast.

Well! I can say this was an experience....I did love that quick thinking gameplay though. Good to see good comedy games!

good lucky in this project guys This game seems to be very interesting. I hope it's ready.

it will be ready and super interesting! Thank you very much for taking the time out of your day to comment on Duck Jam srnights we appreciate you! 

Thank you, it is always good to appreciate a quality work

WarioWare + Ducks about sold it for me. Pretty rad dudes. I had trouble with the boss levels but enjoyed the rest. Nice lil' jam project.


Happy to see a Wario Ware like game, my first released game is also a Wario Ware like, I thought the genre forgotten :) The mini games are really fun and full of life !

It's a very unexplored genre :) I really enjoy using genres that are more obscure because it give you more room for creativity!

I had a blast going through all of the many diverse, challenging and fun games that this game offered. The humor was great and the overall game was very polished and well made. I would definetly recommend for people to try this.

And I loved that the newspaper was Pew News, the most legitimate news source in the world.


Hi Mutant Gamer thank you very much for taking the time to play our game. Also that intro screen is really cool looking did you design it yourself? Its really freaking cool to the point where we may design a game in that art style!

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No problem and I'm glad you liked my intro but unfortunately I wasn't talented enough to make my intro. Instead I got it from a website called Render Forest. Here's a link to the template for my intro if you're interested:

You seem like a great developer and I really wish the best for you in game development. I'll be sure to check for any more of your great creations in hopefully the near future!


Thanks for playing :) Trust me when I say we try and watch every let's play of our game, and use things from them as feedback and insight into what needs to be fixed, and things like that :D



Thank you so much for playing our game I'm glad our absurdist and over the top humor left a lasting impression on  you! Thank you for your video and we are in your debt to create more and better content for you and your viewers if you choose to play out games again. 

Point me in the direction of any other games you have made and I will play them. I am terrible at 5-second warioware game styles but I still find them fun and this was very well made.


AAWWWWW totally man I already have one in production, you're definitely going to be the first one I reach in terms of play testing just for that wholesome comment!

You four already know how much I appreciated your game design - I mean, you already read the article I wrote about it, I know that -, but I'll say it once more on here: I think you nailed the theme of The HEART JAM, because you focused on a short time span for each mini-game, but at the same time it was amazing to see such a variety of game concepts. That's why it also fits the Meta Game Jam perfectly, because it's a nice duck-parody of "WarioWare", but also it's so funny that it's fitting to the APRIL FOOL'S JAM. I'm stunned by your creativity and wish you all the best luck for upcoming jams!

For the readers of this comment, I added the playthrough video I created. Maybe it'll drive some more attention to your entry. I can just hope so, you deserve it. :)

Best wishes,

THANK YOU! So much Sebastian for being one of the very first people to check out our game and give us a shot and writing an article about us before we got popular. It gave us the motivation and feedback needed to push into making more and more updates!

That's awesome, I'm very happy to hear that! I'm looking forwards to see the post-jam updates and I cross my fingers that your creativity won't fade away so fast. ;> You can do it! Best wishes to the four of you!

This was amazing! Probably one of the most entertaining mini-game games that I’ve played in a while. It brought back nostalgic feelings from playing Wario-ware and Mario Party. The music matched everything perfectly and I was blown away by the music at the good ending! This game really made my day, thanks so much for making it!!

JayskakiBean thank you so much for playing our game! I am glad that you where able to enjoy yourself and have a blast in doing so! Really that's why I design games and nothing makes me feel better than being able to brighten up you and your viewers day! Thank you for reading and we will continue to produce quality content for you!

Absolutely enjoyed myself! I just wish that i couldve played on 1920x1080 though which is the resolution for my monitor but ah well still had fun!


:D No problem, thank you very much for playing our game Fongrr,  we really  will start implementing a higher resolution option

damn that was awesome ^_^

Really awesome game or games I guess! I have a new love of duck and duck musicians 

Thank you very much for playing our Game Pecanyoutube! I'm glad we were able to make your day wholesome and awesome! 

You did a good job on this game for the jam! It's short but, fun!

Thanks for the play through Raithias! We totally focused on making sure it was as fun as possible!

Awesome work! Just out of curiosity, what engine did you use to make it?

Gamemaker Studios 2 it's a pretty good engine.

Thanks! Looking forward to see more work from you!

This is quite an adrenaline-inducing game. And it's really cool how many classic games are given tribute. :)

PS For anyone watching, please consider subscribing for a copious amounts of indie games. 

This many minigames in 72 hours is a damn feat, you've done some fantastic work here!

Thank you very much! We are all able to work together very fast and love and have a party creating games, which I think is reflected on the end product as well!

This game is so much fun. I await part 2. I'm thinking a few days, right?

Thank you so very much for taking the time to play this , we're definitely going to be adding some more fun bosses and content after such a review!

Made a video 


Thank you very much for playing our game, I'm glad you had as much fun playing it as we had making it! :D

Lol I love this game!  It's hilarious.

Thank you very much, making you laugh and making your day is part of what drives us to make content !  :D