A downloadable game for Windows

Winner of Best Game concept from the 2020 Kenney Jam (201 total contestants)

A puzzle -platformer where you change the game rules through moving around like blocks to create new game rules.

Happy Birb follows your rules on his quest to meet his friends.

Oscar BOON Gonzalez

For the Kenney Game Jam 2020

Inspired by Baba is you. Happy birb  has you explore the keyword WHILE to change the world
Examples include
RunRight While TouchingTheGround , 
DisableGravity While RunningRight

All of these create new game rules that change the behavior of Happy Birb in the background.


happy_birb.zip 9 MB


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I completed and enjoyed the game; however, it definitely needs an undo function for those times you push a block against the edge or something like that and it also needs a save state for when you do an intricate setup and 1 fumble makes you loose the birb and you then have to re-setup everything.  The lack of music is rough, would be nice to have at least something there.  It's a bit program-my, which is fine and I like but not for everyone of course (not that it needs to be); however, it strikes me as not nearly as elegant as 'Baba Is You'.  All that said, I do hope to see more work done on this and improvement since it does have potential.