Patch notes for 9/30/2018

*Added Bomb Diffusal Minigame - Cut the right wire...with confusing instructions.

*Added Goose Hunt minigame -It's like duckhunt WITHOUT the copyright infringement 

*Added pause menu, accessible on overworld

*Fixed a bug with input in the cutscenes

*Added Camera shake to various minigames

*Made Frogger more grid based

*Logo now is the init room and player starts there, goes to the intro cutscene, then the main menu

*All cutscenes now transition back to the title, this will need to change in the future for secret endings

*Levels are reset every time you start a new game now

*Added Win Screens to Broccoli SHOO! Minigame

*Added Win Screen to the Match the color minigame


Heart Jam old 65 MB
Mar 29, 2018
Duck Jam Current Version 66 MB
Mar 31, 2018

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