We heard you loud  and clear and have added 10 NEW MICRO GAMES to duck jam! 


Here are the games that we've added


DUCK BULLET SIMULATOR:  (featured above) It appears that giving mercy to this goose isn't going to make his attacks easier on you. Avoid his attacks and protect your egg in the process. 

Game & Watch.  Protect your eggs from falling on the ground.

Pop Quiz! Oh no you're in school you haven't practiced for your big math test and everyone's looking at you...Just play it cool and solve the problem.

"Tetris" They're fast they're falling and they're crazy. Oh and it comes with it's own quack themed remix of the famous tune.

Hurdle: Run karate duckling, train and be strong so you can train for your rival fight.

Superhero Transformation : You're backed up in a corner, your date is sweating profusely as an evil goose tries to rob you of your bread.  FEAR NOT with just a few moves you'll be able to summon your super identity!

QUACKJECTION! You're in court and have to contradict a witness testimony. Point out the contradiction before it's too late.

Fireworks! Explode a rocket at the right time

Watering can: Plants just need a little but of water, sun and VOILA your Duckadills are ready !


Also we've fixed other bugs here and there, including speeding up the games so they end quicker.


Duck Jam Current Version 95 MB
May 07, 2018

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