HIGHLIGHT: 2 NEW BOSS levels, 3 New Mini games, and tons of fixes:

*Added NEW BOSS Level:

!!! WARNING !!! Giga Goose has been spotted in Toy Town! Please evacuate immediately! The military will arrive shortly to defend Toy Town from the goose menace!**

*Added NEW BOSS Level: It's baby ducky again and this time he's free diving an active volcano  to reach the golden egg. Little does he know the volcano is set to erupt as soon as the egg is taken.** **New boss levels will automatically be accessed in the difficult difficulty (you will go to the volcano boss) and Toy Town will be accessed in the Impossible difficulty. Enjoy!

*NEW MICRO-GAME Find the duckling game, tiny little ducky is lost in game boy land , find him!

*NEW MICRO-GAME Typing mini game, hack the computer to get access to the contents

*NEW MICRO-GAME new mini game the balancing act, just stay calm and don't fall down

*Optimized color blindness options for the duck minigame

*Added a background and better game feel to the asteroids game

*Fixed a glitch in Duck Pong that caused you to glitch inside the game

*Added a victory screen to ninja, as well as a smear frame the second you have to click on the game

 *Added Sound effects to confetti

 *Ducky in the first boss now slides whenever you beat the boss level

*Fixed a bug that made it so you can't go over the pipes in flappy bird clone 

*Fixed a bug concerning losses in the 

*Added a sound to the fireworks in the spotlight

*Made the first boss more challenging when leaving the cave (Added more blocks in the beginning that won't interfere with the  initial run to the golden egg but will make the way back a bit more challenging ) 

*Fixed all lingering animation bugs on the over world

*DDR only allow you to press one button at at time

*Overworld now instantly transfers you to a new level

*Controls now display at the beginning of each room along with the action text

*Added a restart option to the pause menu

*Fixed a bug that would change the position of the GUI 

*Added more bugs to be fixed later


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Apr 07, 2018

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