UPDATE 10/16/2019

UPDATE 10/16/2019

Gameplay changes

  • The Thing boss fight was reworked and has a new second phase.
  • Boomerang thrower was reworked...he now shoots meteors.
  • Disabled "Enemies can counterattack when hit" downgrade from appearing in the BULLET RUN
  • The thing 's ball speed has been changed back to 55% move speed when deflected. BUT it will not increase in speed per loop.
  • Added 7 new PERFECT HIT effects.
  • BULLET RUN: replaced the EAT MONEY!!! UPGRADE (Fire as fast as you want but it costs 1 gem) to "HAND OF MIDAS" (gives you money every time you deal damage).
  • Shop chests are now open-able in all modes, (Bullet mode and sword only just require you to roll into them or sword swing). The BEST TIMES are locked into each individual mode so they don't overlap with other modes.
  • The Thing has a new song.
  • The first dungeon has a new song.
  • Upgrade screen has a new song.


  • The Thing will not be pushed back when he is outside the stage preventing you from hitting him in the BULLET mode.
  • Bugs fixed a bug in sword only that caused the camera to LOCK and not move anymore after getting poisoned by a spider.
  • Fixed the ui from stacking on top of the other icons.
  • Prevented the game from crashing if you went down too many floors and had too many upgrades.


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Oct 16, 2019


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